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As a high quality electrical contractors primarily covering Midlands area we also travel nationwide. We pride ourselves on having the range of services and expertise required to complete every aspect of an electrical project.

Expertise & Experience in Electrical Contracting...

Our dedicated workforce deliver a wide range of electrical services from small rewires to major design and build projects.Working with our clients we can determine your electrical needs from the design to completion at a competitive cost.

Light and Power Taken To Another Level

If you are looking for lighting which will not only delight you but impress your guests Light&Power is the solution for you. Having worked on large commercial installations and executive homes you will not have to explain twice how you want the finished job to look.

Lighting Controls Sounds Systems and Electrifying your Curtains and Blinds are all services which Light&Power can resolve to create your dream home.

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Commercial Projects

Bovey Castle

Ceiling lights, Wall lights, Beside lights.

Commercial projects have included

  • High End Hotels
  • Offices
  • Laboratories

With 40-years experience to draw upon clients can be assured we have tackled and solved just about every challenge.

Today's hotel guests expect more than a TV in the room. Sophisticated lighting options which can be adjusted to vary the mood and highlight features are part and parcel of our work. Whether guests are at work or on a leisure break in their hotel rooms they expect a reliable broadband connection, this is another area Light&Power have the skills to ensure that guests have no cause for complaint.

Domestic Projects

Today's kitchens require a wide variety of wiring from the standard heavy duty cables for ovens, hobs through to the sophisticated lighting options which will turn your kitchen from functional to having a real "Wow factor" which will delight you and your visitors.

Kitchens no longer need make do with a standalone radio but can benefit from a sophisticated sound and TV Sonos system which can, not only provide you with entertainment in the morning, but the musical backdrop to parties in the evening.

When it comes to the latest and most sophisticated ideas for domestic light & power rely upon us to show you the options: - and then make them work!


Hall Lighting - No Longer A Single Pendant

Light&Power are proud to have worked on sophisticated lighting schemes such as that at Papillon Hall. Translating ideas into reality.

Music The Food of Life

From time immemorial people have enjoyed music and when that music is from a well thought through and carefully installed Sonos sound system that enjoyment is even greater. Whilst the speaker are "wireless" they do require mains electricity to work. When installed in the ceiling the speakers can become unobtrusive and work brilliantly.


Controlling yOur Environment

Whilst we cannot control the weather you can control your lights through switches and dimmers, and Lutron power motors for blinds and curtains, indeed these can be configured to work from an app on your phone.

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